All the best in 2015!

As the year goes to an end in the Gregorian calendar – I wish everybody all the best in the next year 2015!

Hope your holidays were peaceful and you had the chance to enjoy your traditions and passed them on to your children, enjoyed good food and your family and closest friends. Here is a small photo sneak peak into specialty cookies and braided bread called Vanocka (from word “Vanoce” = Christmas) that my mom and friends did – those are so typical for Central Europe.

Vanoce 2014 105 Vanoce 2014 104 Vanoce 2014 100 

Let’s see what 2015  will bring in the top technology trends – personal wearables? new generation of cloud services?  or “full services” in the cloud? I think the trends are clear – mobile and cloud, so eager to see what will shine the most and how the two will get together and empower us as business users and consumers with yet another advanced innovation. I’m very thrilled I can be part of that!

With the best wishes to all of you!


P.S. New year resolutions? Well is that approach Agile at all? Well it’s a tradition that in in my mind is little obsolete in today’s fast paced world… But it could be very easily fixed Smile The way I approached it was I wanted to be more active – so my goal was to go running at least three times a week – I ran over 750km in 2014 including my first two half marathons. So there is never to late to get started with anything… Let’s start stacking some other good habits Smile

P.P.S. What was you most favorite book in 2014? For me definitely “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by Greg Mckeown


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